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8 Best Sun Hat for Men Reviews & Buying Guide

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Did you know that a sun hat can play a massive role in lowering the risk of suffering from skin cancer? The best sun hat for men is made of high-quality fabric with UPF 50+ sun protection. This means it is capable of blocking up to 98-percent of the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays.

This summer hat also has a decently sized brim that offers great coverage to make sure the neck, eyes, and head are not exposed to the sun.

In this piece, we look at the 8 best summer hats for men reviews. We also look at the factors to have in mind when buying a beach hat, not to mention trying to answer common questions you may have about men’s sun hats.

People’s Picks

Best Overall: EINSKEY UV Protection Sun Hat for Men/Women. This sun hat for men & women is one size fits all and has a nicely sized brim.

Runner Up: Columbia Unisex Adult Bora Bora Booney. This beach hat is equipped with Omni-Shade technology that effectively blocks UVA and UVB rays.

Most Portable: Sunday Afternoons Havana Hat. The packable design makes traveling with this Havana hat for men a no-brainer.

For Lifeguards: San Diego Men’s UPF 50 Lifeguard Outback Straw Hat. This lifeguard hat offers UPF 50+ sun protection to keep you safe from the sun’s harmful rays.

Top 8 Best Sun Hat for Men Reviews

1. EINSKEY UV Protection Sun Hat for Men/Women


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This is a one-size-fits-most sun hat. It is perfect for someone whose head circumference ranges from 22 to 24 inches. A rear elastic drawstring is adjustable and helps provide a customized fit. This summer hat for men also features a chin cord, which is adjustable too. The role of the chin cord is to keep the hat in place even in super windy conditions.

Moreover, the hat has a built-in sweatband that wicks away sweat from the face and eyes. It is also equipped with a 2-side mesh vent that keeps the head comfortable and cool in hot summer weather. The wide brim measuring between 3.7 and 3.9 inches ensures your face and neck are nicely protected from the sun’s harmful rays.

The polyester material is the fabric this beach hat for men is made of. It is water-repellent, plus it makes the hat ideal for outdoor use. Besides, this sun hat for women and men features a foldable design that allows you to fold it in half and then carry it easily in a bag.

The casual design makes the hat suitable for both men and women. It also improves its versatility. That being said, you will find the hat handy for everyday use, tennis, golf, baseball, cycling, camping, hunting, fishing, and bushwalking, among others. EINSKEY guarantees the quality of this men’s sun hat. So, go ahead and buy with confidence.

Reasons To Buy

  • The material appears to be of good quality
  • The brim is well-sized
  • The netting on the sides of the cap is wonderful
  • Great for someone that works outdoors for several hours

Take Note

  • Arrives folded in half, but the creases seem to take longer to go away

2. Columbia Unisex Adult Bora Bora Booney


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Columbia pays close attention to detail, and that is what makes this Boonie hat for men one of the best in the market. The hat is not just made of very high-quality materials but also the craftsmanship and stitching are expertly done. Therefore, expect this hat to stand the test of time.

Other innovative features further make this men’s summer hat a worthwhile investment. There is a mesh vent that brings in a cool breeze to keep you comfortable in hot weather. Additionally, the hat has a toggle at the back and a drawcord. Both of these are adjustable and offer a customized, comfortable fit.

The wide brim is very protective and will keep you safe from the sun. Furthermore, it makes the hat perfect for attending outdoor events. Omni-Wick technology is another feature we must mention. It quickly gets rid of moisture from the skin and then moves it into the fabric. Once in the fabric, the moisture is spread across so it can evaporate in no time.

The Omni-Shade is another special feature of this men’s beach hat. It blocks UVA and UVB rays to keep you protected from sunburns. In addition, this hat boasts tight weave construction, which, in turn, has UV absorbent yarns. These yarns effectively block harmful UV rays. The size of the hat is one size fits all.

Reasons To Buy

  • Makes a nice gift for a husband
  • Protects the ears, neck, and head beautifully
  • The toggle makes the hat fit perfectly
  • Lightweight yet solidly made

Take Note

  • The brim tends to flip up in windy conditions

3. Quiksilver Men’s Pierside Beach Sun Straw Hat


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Quiksilver Beach Cap is the best sun straw hat for men because of many reasons. First, this hat has a classic style that makes it incredibly versatile. It is ideal for working in the yard, enjoying a day at the beach, or interacting with nature.

Second, the Quiksilver Pierside Straw Hat boasts a wide brim that blocks the sun nicely to keep you protected while outdoors. It also features a lined headband and a chin strap. The chin strap is adjustable for convenience. What’s more, it has a toggle to help you get a customized fit.

The hat is made of 100-percent raffia straw fiber. For this reason, you should never submerge it in water. You should also be careful about where you keep it to make sure it does not get attacked by mold. This men’s straw hat is available in plenty of colors, which are Natural/Red, Natural/Black, and Dark Brown.

The hat is also available in different sizes, which are Small – Medium and Large – X-Large. Additionally, it is priced right to make sure you are able to get it even when on a budget. Like other dedicated fashion companies, Quicksilver provides top-notch beanies, hats, towels, hoodies, pants, jeans, and more.

Reasons To Buy

  • The fit is great
  • The quality appears to be good
  • The band keeps the head cool
  • The price is decent

Take Note

  • Delicate; therefore, handle it with care

4. Home Prefer Mens UPF 50+ Sun Protection Cap


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This sun protection men’s cap is made of quality polyester fabric. The fabric is breathable and dries quickly to keep you comfortable as well as make sure you are not inconvenienced in any way. It is also lightweight and helps make the hat very comfortable to wear.

Like other premium men’s summer hats, the Home Prefer UPF50+ Sun Cap for Men has a wide brim. The brim no doubt protects the neck and head from the scorching sun. This makes the hat ideal for all kinds of outdoor activities. You can use it for fishing, boating, cycling, gardening, hunting, camping, and hiking, among others.

The chin strap is another stunning feature that makes this hat a great purchase. It is not just adjustable but also you can detach it if not needed. Its primary role is to keep the hat securely on your head while you explore the outdoor environment.

The UPF 50+ technology offers ultimate protection from the sun. It blocks up to 98-percent of the sun’s damaging rays, which are UVA and UVB rays. That being said, this hat not only provides shade in sunny weather but also drastically lowers your chances of suffering from skin cancer and other skin complications.

Reasons To Buy

  • Perfect for a Lifeguard
  • Comfortable to wear and provides nice coverage
  • The quality is outstanding
  • The design is simple and nice

Take Note

  • The brim is a bit short in the back

5. O’NEILL Men’s Sonoma Print Straw Hat


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O’NEILL Straw Hat for Men may not be one of the most affordable men’s beach caps in the market. However, the numerous customer reviews and high ratings suggest that this cap for summer is a worthy purchase.

It is available in lots of colors, which are Natural/Khaki, Sonoma Natural, Natural/Sonoma Trapea, Light Blue/Sonoma Prints, and Camo/Sonoma Prints. These different color options allow you to pick the desired color that matches most of your outfits.

Additionally, the O’NEILL Sun Hat for Men has a drawcord, which, in turn, features a cord lock for ultimate convenience. The hat also features a logo embroidered patch for originality. Plus, it has a printed under visor.

It is a nicely made men’s hat for summer and the beach. That being said, you can buy it as a Valentine’s gift for your man or get it as a birthday gift for your dad, uncle, brother, etc. The hat is made of sea straw, which is of great quality.

Reasons To Buy

  • Arrives in good condition
  • Offers nice coverage and protection from the sun
  • Holds up well to abuse
  • The brim goes all the way around

Take Note

  • The steel eyelets for the chinstrap are not coated; hence, should be handled with care

6. Sunday Afternoons Havana Hat


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What we like about this Havana hat for men is the packable design. It makes the hat very easy to travel with and use anywhere. We are also thrilled with the fabric structure that improves air circulation, thereby, keeping your head cool and comfortable.

Another feature we would like to mention is the internal adjustment. It allows you to fine-tune the fit of this fedora sun hat for men. Still, on the fit; the hat is available in a wide range of sizes. These are Small, Medium, and Large.

The hat also comes in different color options to choose from. These colors include Tan, Black, and Cream. They are simple colors that go with most outfits. The interior wicking sweatband ensures your head stays cool and comfortable.

There is also a ribbon headband to provide more comfort. The brim of this Havana hat for men measures 2-1/4 inches. It may not be the widest, but it still does a good job of protecting your neck, eyes, and head from the sun’s fierce rays. Please note that this hat is not designed for use in rainy/wet conditions.

Reasons To Buy

  • Fits beautifully and looks good
  • Appears to be more expensive than it is
  • The Velcro strap inside the band is a nice feature
  • Retains its shape nicely

Take Note

  • Heavier than anticipated, but this does not compromise comfort

7. BROOKLYN ATHLETICS Men’s Straw Beach Sun Hat


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The majority loves BROOKLYN apparel because it is inspired by East Coast surf and skate scenes. Having said that, expect this straw beach sun hat for men to be a valuable addition to your closet. It is designed for someone whose lifestyle is active, adventurous, and functional.

It has innovative and modern details that you will find amazing. The intricately braided raffia straw fibers are some of these details. There is also a recessed pinch crown that further improves the look of the hat. The style and design of this hat enable it to keep its shape easily. This, in turn, makes it wonderful for all outdoor activities.

The brim of the hat is 4.5 inches and offers outstanding protection from the sun. Besides, this sun cap for men is equipped with a drawcord chin strap, which is adjustable and has a toggle. With that being said, expect to have an easy time creating a customized fit and enjoying all the comfort this hat has to offer.

The brim of this hat is not just wide but also it has a printed fabric under it. It not only keeps you protected from the sun but also ensures you stay cool from warm weather and the immense heat of the summer. Given how this hat is designed, you will find it useful for lounging around at the pool or beach.

Additional Information: The thoughtful design makes this summer hat perfect for spring as well. The hat is available in one-size-fits-most. It has an adjustable drawstring that perfectly fits many different head sizes and shapes.

The sea straw fibers this cap is made of are durable and offer effective protection from the sun. The manufacturer is so confident in the quality of this hat that it offers a no-hassle money-back guarantee. The colors the BROOKLYN ATHLETICS Hat comes in are two; Natural and Brown. They are solid colors that match most outfits for a trendy look.

Reasons To Buy

  • The material is of good quality
  • Looks cute and offers great coverage
  • The chin strap is easy to remove
  • Fits large and small heads wonderfully

Take Note

  • Packaging is not so convincing

8. San Diego Men’s Upf 50 Lifeguard Outback Straw Hat


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The San Diego Straw Sun Hat for men has one of the best designs. It has a chin strap that allows you to secure it properly so it stays on your head even in windy conditions. It also has a 4 inches wide brim for ultimate coverage.

The brim combines with UPF 50+ sun protection to block up to 98-percent of harmful UV rays. You can wear the hat when you want to hang around at the beach or pool. And, in case you want to clean the hat, simply spot-clean it.

The hat is one size fits all and, therefore, suitable both for people with large heads and small ones. It is made of 100-percent straw, and it is of good quality. So, if you want to look trendy while keeping the sun’s dangerous rays at bay, this sun cap for men is for you. It has a pinched crown that provides you with a style bump for the ultimate fashionable look.

Unlike most sun hats in these reviews, the San Diego Wide Brim Hat is only available in one color. But this really should not be an issue since the color is widely accepted. It is natural and goes with many outfits; hence, you will not color-clash.

Reasons To Buy

  • The black lining is a nice addition
  • Perfect for fall, summer, and spring
  • It is shipped quickly
  • Arrives in a large box and good condition

Take Note

  • Some people might find the 4-inch brim a bit inconveniencing

Buyer’s Guide for the Best Summer Hat for Men

Here, we look at crucial factors that can make or break the deal when buying a beach hat for men.

  1. Sun Protection Factor (SPF)

The main reason why you are buying a men’s sun hat is that you want to be protected from the sun and its harmful rays. Therefore, you must be aware of the Ultra-violet Protect Factor of the hat you are set to buy. That being said, hats with UPF 50+ are a worthy investment. This is because most of them protect up to 98-percent of harmful UV rays.

  1. Size

Summer hats for men come in a wide range of sizes. These include Small, Medium, and Large. It is good to know the circumference of your head before buying a hat. This prevents you from ending up with a hat that either fits too tight or is overly loose fitting. If you are unsure which size to pick, consider one-size-fits-most/all hats. These hats are normally equipped with an internal band that you can adjust to get a customized fit.

  1. The Width of the Brim

In our opinion, you should pick a hat whose brim width ranges from 2.5 – 4 inches. This brim size no doubt offers better coverage than anything less than 2.5 inches wide. Moreover, a wide brim protects the neck, head, and eyes from the sun. While anything past 4 inches means more shade, it is likely to cause a number of inconveniences.

Different Types of Men’s Sun Hats

Sun hats for men are mostly available in 4 styles, or if you like, designs. These different styles are Flap, Fedora, Bucket, and Cap.

1. Flap Hat

Flap sun hats for men are designed for those looking for maximum protection. They are an excellent option for when you are likely to be exposed to the sun for several hours. For example, if you always do some yard work for long hours, you should invest in a flap hat for summer.  

2. Fedora Hat

Fedora sun hats are designed for men looking to be trendy. Because of its stylish design, a fedora summer hat can effortlessly be dressed up. You must note, though, that its brim is always of moderate size; hence, it may not provide as much coverage as a bucket hat or flap hat.

3. Bucket Hat

A bucket sun hat for men has a wide brim that goes around it. And, like the flap summer hat, a bucket hat offers great protection against the sun. It protects against UVA and UVB rays. For this reason, you will find your bucket cap handy for many different outdoor activities.

4. Baseball Cap

Last, but not least, we have the baseball cap, which is also known as the snapback hat. The brim of this hat is in the front section only. Nonetheless, some baseball caps have a hidden flap, which you can pull down in case you need more protection.

So, those are the different types of sun hats for men. Each of them is designed to serve a different purpose. You can get them all so you are not inconvenienced in any way.

Men’s Sun Hats FAQs

Q1. Are men’s UV hats effective?

Yes. Most of these hats are made of fabrics, which boast UPF 50+ sun protection. This means they block a large percentage of UVA and UVB rays. Therefore, they are a worthwhile investment. Ideally, in an article published on, Dr. Vij, who is a dermatologist, says that sun protection fabrics are better than sunscreen. And this is an extra motivation to go all out and get a UPF 50+ sun hat.

Q2. How do I care for my sun hat?

Most manufacturers advise against washing your summer hat. What’s more, how you care for one type of hat is likely to be different from how you care for another type. This is mainly because different sun hats are made of different materials. For example, the furthest you can go with cleaning a straw hat is to spot-clean it, whereas, most hats made of polyester can be hand-washed. To summarize, it is important to check the care instructions of a hat before you clean it.

Q3. What is the best sun hat for men?

The best summer hat for men has a reasonably sized brim. This means the brim is not overly wide to the extent that it makes the hat bulky or so small that it fails to provide proper coverage. A good men’s sun hat is also made of quality materials that hold up well to the sun and other adverse conditions. This fabric also has a decent UPF that enables it to block a huge percentage of UV rays.


The best sun hat for men has UPF 50+ sun protection. This enables it to provide maximum protection during summer, spring, and warm weather. Besides, this hat is versatile and, therefore, you will find it useful for the beach, pool, camping, hiking, fishing, yard work, and more.